About Me

Welcome to GETinspired.mag!


Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Magdalena, I am 21 and I am a Strategic Fashion Management student at the University of the Arts in London. I am currently based in Amsterdam where I do my exchange year combining an internship in a sustainable denim brand with branding studies.

Furthermore, I am truly passionate about plant based kitchen, connection between food and mind, the future of food, food styling and photography and everything that is about the aesthetics.

In order to improve my skills and passion I completed various food styling and photography courses as well as Plant Based Kitchen Fundamentals chef course.

My Diet

I became vegetarian in secondary school and after moving to London in 2017 I decided to try vegan diet and I maintained it until now. My diet consists of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. It is free of refined sugar, garlic and onion and gluten because of intolerances.

Many people may perceive a plant-based diet as restricted, however my blog will feature colourful, mouthwatering yet still nutritious and nourishing meals.

How Did I Come Up With The Idea?

As a vegetarian I have always been cooking by myself, which has led me to increase my involvement in the kitchen, developing my interest and current passion towards food.

In the kitchen I have found the way I can express myself and my creativity by devising my own recipes and experimenting with the flavours and ingredients. I pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics when plating, styling and shooting food having also in mind that we eat with our eyes first!

What also influenced me was moving to London and meeting students and young people struggling with being creative, quick and efficient in the kitchen and eating pretty  monotonously.

The Idea Behind GETinspired.mag

GETinspired.mag is all about getting inspired and treating yourself well! Food is the future and eating is about celebrating the moment. With my blog I would love to inspire you to release your creativity, start experimenting with the plants and flavours and make food that is appealing to you eye which adds more value to your eating experience.

Moreover I would like to encourage more people to not be scared of trying new things, tastes as well as to rethink their eating habits and realise how the food we eat affects our health, our mood and the way we live.

I want my blog to be an inspiring place for both plant based and healthy lifestyle freaks and people who are at the beginning of their healthy lifestyle journey getting into cooking and plant based kitchen.

My Philosophy 

We are what we eat and I really believe in it!

Food is to be celebrated, food is something to be grateful for, food is our nourishment! It is a way to gather people and share the love.Food has no barriers and experimenting with the flavour is my favourite way which stimulates creativity. I hardly ever follow the recipes and usually make everything by eye developing my own, interesting flavour combinations.

Focusing on our senses and letting our creativity flow while cooking is the key, and I want people to do the same getting inspired by GETinspired.mag! This may seem challenging at first, but you will quickly realise that it is so much fun and satisfaction for your body and mind!

Eating is an experience and food is an art!