About Me

Welcome to GETinspired.mag!


Who Am I?

My name is Magdalena, I am Polish, currently based in London, studying an MSC Strategic Fashion Management at the University of the Arts. I also run a fashion blog, which you can visit here.

Besides this, I am passionate about cooking, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, food design and everything regarding aesthetics.

My Diet

I have been a vegetarian for a few years and have recently decided to become vegan. My diet consists of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds, as well as being wheat and sugar free.

Many may perceive a plant-based diet as restricting, however my blog will feature colourful yet still nutritious meals.

How Did I Come Up With The Idea?

As a vegetarian I have been cooking by myself, which has led me to increase my involvement in the kitchen, developing my interest and current passion towards cooking.

In the kitchen I have found the way I can express myself and my creativity by devising my own recipes and presenting food. Recently I have started to pay more attention to the presentation of dishes, discovering the importance of peoples feelings towards the aesthetics of food.

Moving to London and meeting students who are struggling with what to eat, food preparation, how not to eat monotonously, quick and easy meals, and what ingredients work well together to create tasty recipes was another inspiration for this blog.

The Idea Behind GETinspired.mag

My biggest aim is to inspire you guys and show you how colourful and exciting a healthy lifestyle can be and how the presentation of food can be appealing.

Moreover I would like to encourage more people to change their eating habits in a pleasant way and explore how the food we eat affects the way we live.

I want my blog to be an inspiring place for people who care about what they eat, as well as beginners.

My Philosophy 

I always experiment with food, rarely follow the recipes, creating everything by eye, composing my own taste combinations. I would like to post inspiring recipes, focusing not on the quantities, but on how to combine and mix the ingredients to create something really delicious.

My intention is to focus on senses, creativity and imagination while cooking, as these are most important to me. This may seem challenging at first, but is easy to learn, the only thing that is necessary is your will and a little bit of time to practice. It will be fun!

I would like to encourage people to start experimenting in their kitchen as I do, being inspired by the recipes and photos from GETinspired.mag.

We are what we eat – I really believe in it!