Breakfast – Sweet or Savoury?

What do you usually go for?

I don’t know how you feel about breakfast but for me it is definitely the most favourite meal and time of the day! I love celebrating my mornings and taking things slow while eating delicious, beautiful meal prepared with love !

Cooking for me is like a meditation, it is my self – care and a way to be creative! And breakfasts, oh what can I say, they are usually the prettiest and most exciting! They set the mood for the whole day, give you energy and fuel your brain! So try not to skip them, please! When you start taking time to eat mindfully, listen to your body and take your time to consume the meal in the peaceful environment, not distracting yourself with a phone or TV you will quickly notice the difference in your well-being. So even if I sometimes have to rush, I try to wake up a bit earlier or make things in advance in the evening and still have these few minutes in the morning to nourish myself and kickstart the day!

Since I’ve became vegan and moved to London my breakfasts tend to be rather “sweet” than savoury. I say “sweet” because let’s make it clear, I do not use any sweetners or refined sugar but go for sweet potato, banana, cinnamon or carob which many people do not find sweet enough. However, recently I have been using also dates and maple syrup if something really needs a rich sweet touch.

But, yes, savoury breakfast was not really my thing, until recently! Until my last trip to Costa Rica where I had rice and beans (of course not only) for most of my breakfasts and felt so light, energised and just amazing. I noticed that I was more satisfied and content and my stomach and body were calmer and more relaxed. I quickly also realised that warm meals serves me better in the morning and are much more gentle for my body and digestion. I started to listen to my body more carefully and observe what it needs and craves and thats really a key to my well – being!

So since then, since being back, majority of my breakfasts have been actually warm, savoury meals and I love it! I also started to use chopsticks more often, to slow down and focus on the act of eating and chewing.

I feel like now I can be even more creative trying new breakfast – style things, experimenting with different ingredients and creating new recipes.

And because I have always been a fan of a porridge I love making variations and preparing a warm bowl of porridge – style cooked grains / seeds like millet, quinoa, teff or rice. Either flavoured with superfood powders (like cacao, maca, lucuma), topped with favourite granola and a dollop of nut butter if I feel like sweet or cooked with different spices, mixed with beans and topped with sautéed and massaged veggies if savoury. It is always my go – to breakfast!

So please, experiment, listen to you body and maintain a balance! Sometimes you might be surprised how you body changes and it is important to accept it and adapt to it!

Below you can find some inspirations of my favourite both sweet and savoury breakfasts and there are more posts and recipes to come covering these topics!

My sweet breakfast choices:
  • Millet pudding
  • Black rice porridge
  • Black bean brownie
  • Teff flour pancakes

Always served with favourite toppings like granola, nut butters, roasted nuts and seeds, superfoods or some sort of cashew or sweet potato cream.

My savoury breakfast choices:
  • Kitchari
  • Chickpea Omelette
  • Scrambled hemp seed tofu
  • Porridge – style cooked mochi rice and mung beans

All served with my favourite toppings of the time, usually some sautéed or massaged veggies, sauerkraut, spoon of white miso, sprouts, fresh herbs, roasted nuts or seeds, pumpkin seed oil and squeezed lemon.

* On the photo you can see one of them! Porridge -style mung beans and sweet brown rice cooked with kombu (in the pressure cooker), massaged and sauted red cabbage, fried plantain (Costa Rica inspiration), a quarter of avocado and some alfalfa sprouts! Topped with roasted sesame seeds, sumac and pumpkin seed oil – my favourite!

Hope you GET Inspired!



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