Plant One Experience (2)

Here it is! The continuation post about my dreamy plant – based chef training experience that I was honoured to be part of last year! 

If you want to know how I won an apprenticeship at Plant Academy in London and what my thoughts are on the future of food read the first part of this post. But if you’ve already done this, now it’s time to talk all about the course… right? So let’s start this plant journey together! 

Get inspired and who knows maybe one day we will meet at Plant Academy 🌱


Let’s dig into the course curriculum and explore what the focus of each day was and what I learned and experienced! I am excited to share with you my thoughts, feelings as well as beautiful food creations and photography with you! 


So starting with day one – it was full on! We covered the kitchen introduction and knife skills, then went through stocks and broths, explored fermentation and finished with an amazing workshop on gluten – free baking run by Plant Hub co-founder and a real artist;  Antonio.


Day two was all about the plant based pantry. We talked about plant based cheeses, soaking and sprouting, grains and legumes as well as dehydration which is my new favourite thing. This day was also about flavour balances that we were looking for/exploring while tasting chocolate custards based on various nut and seed milks that we previously made.


On the third day we went on a trip and visited an amazing place called OmVed gardens located in London. We talked about the art of vegetables, experienced the depth of their flavour and got inspired by the chef Arthur Potts Dawson.

img_2613 img_2650

Day four was an introduction to pastry. We started with nut & seed butters, rolled some truffles and created step – by – step spectacular CBD tarts which are Lauren’s masterpiece. We ended the day with a guest lecture on superfoods and living on a raw diet with Kate Magic.


The last day was all about the future of food. We had the honour to be taught by a highly talented chef Richard Buckley, the founder of a Michelin Star plant – based restaurant called Acorn. We finished with a graduation and a festive dinner.


It was an amazing experience, meeting new people with similar interests, acquiring so much knowledge learning and implementing new techniques, trying out interesting recipes and improving my skills. Moreover, I feel really grateful that I was honoured to be taught by the amazing chefs such as Lauren, Carolina, Antonio and Richard and now am now even more inspired to share my passion with you!

I absolutely loved everything and enjoyed every single minute of the course but if I had to choose my favourite parts it would probably be the gluten-free baking, dehydration, fundamentals of plating, inspiring visit to OmVed gardens and a day with Richard from Acorn restaurant. 

Every day was different, every day was inspiring and every day was intense but truly rewarding! What I got out of this course is a real value and I could not be happier of what I experienced and learned! 


I know this is just the beginning of my plant – based kitchen journey and there is more to come! Plant two is waiting for me and I couldn’t be more excited! 

If you have a passion and want to develop your kitchen skills as well as explore the fascinating elements of plant – based kitchen there is no other course I could recommend! 

Check it out and explore what else Plant Academy has to offer! 

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