Plant One Experience (1)

It has been a while since I posted my last recipe on the blog… I know. It was a time for me to slow down and reconnect with myself. To understand and accept, to let go and forgive, to focus on my body and listen to it and to do only what I feel like doing. That’s why it took me a while… but now I am back, fully motivated with loads of ideas, inspirations and I cannot wait to share them all with you!

This post is slightly different than my usual ones so today I am not going to talk about the recipe. This time I would like to tell you about how it was to win a place at professional plant-based chef training and what I experienced and learned during the course.


So let’s start with a short explanation what the Plant One course is about 🙂

Plant One is a first level (out of three) of professional plant based chef training that takes place at The Plant Academy, an amazing culinary concept created by highly talented Lauren Lovatt with an aim to inspire a passion for plants.

Lauren is a graduate of a Matthew Kenney school and apart from sharing her experience by running fantastic workshops and events at Plant Academy and training future chefs she also runs a project called Feed Your Mind Candy where she educates people about the influence that food has on our mental health. You should really check it out!

She is such a beautiful soul and my big inspiration so winning a spot and becoming the Plant One apprentice being able to learn from her was a real dream come true for me.

But you are probably asking yourself how?

I have been dreaming about this course for such a long time but I moved to Amsterdam in July, started my internship and had to put it on the next year to-do list because people say you cannot always get what you want right?

Well not really! It is you and your thoughts that create reality! Where there is a will there is a way!

The moment I saw this Instagram giveaway I knew that I have to take part and let the universe decide if this is the right time for me or not! And guess what? It was! I put all my passion and love describing and presenting in a creative way what the future of food means to me. I had such a great will to be part of it that I was visualising myself doing the course, going to London to Plant Academy for a week and making my dreams come true. I had such a strong strong belief and felt it so deeply that I won!

So now maybe let me share with you how do I see the future of food!


Food is to be celebrated, food is something to be grateful for, food is our nourishment! It is a way to connect people and share the love! It is an art and eating is an experience!

Our food choices affect our physical condition but also the way we think and behave. Through food we can heal ourselves and improve the quality of our lives!

What we need to do is just listen to our body and start eating mindfully, being grateful for every bite that nourishes us.

Food is not only about the taste. It is becoming more an explosion of other senses and evolution of the flavours where there is room for bizarre combinations.

I also believe that we are already shifting towards ‘back to the roots’ mindset when people were eating what was local and seasonal which is healthier, more nutritious and sustainable.


And what is my role?

I am on a mission to inspire YOU and spread the idea of food for thought! Trigger your senses and influence mindset shift to think about food as an art and love and eating as a mindful moment of celebration, gratitude and enjoyment instead of being an everyday habit.

Stay tuned for the second part of this post where I will tell you more about the course itself share my thoughts and food creations!


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