Tropical Turmeric Smoothie Bowl

Are there any fans of smoothie bowls here?


Acai and pitaya bowls are very popular on Instagram but honestly I am a bit bored of it. There are so many delicious combinations to be discovered that are much tastier belive me! And this turmeric smoothie bowl is one of them!


To tell you the truth I choose to eat smoothie bowl only when its hot outside usually in summer. During autumn winter season it is the warming bowl of porridge that I go for!


This smoothie bowl is an exception! It is not even cold, because I do not use frozen fruit, but at the same time its super creamy, thick and so yummy! And the colour… don’t you feel energised by looking only at the picture?!


I love enjoying every single spoon of it while listening to the music in the morning and thinking about holiday memories, summer and the sun!

It is not only filling and yummy but also the colour will make every single person smile! Because of turmeric and lime it is also the best vitamin bomb for chilly days! Topped with you favourite seeds, nuts and fruit it is a perfect breakfast idea!


This 5 simple ingredients blended together will will brighten up your day!! I promise!

  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Lime
  • Small orange
  • Lime

Blend all ingredients together and pour it to the bowl or smoothie jar! I put 1.5 banana, more than a half mango, half of the small orange, some turmeric and squeezed half of the lime. But you can always vary with the measurements depending on the portion size you want!

*You can make it more nutritious and filling by blending it with protein powder, maca, flaxseeds or chiaseeds.


Top you tropical smoothie bowl with your favourite nuts, seeds, flakes or even fruit. I chose hemp seeds, coconut chips, rose petals, a bit of chia, pecans and decorated it with some mango pieces and slice of orange! Make it look beautiful so you will enjoy it even more!

Hope you love it!


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