(Not So) Chilli Sin Carne


This recipe is a bomb! It is a explosion of tastes and flavours! Sweet, salty and a bit spicy! Believe me you will all love it! This is such a comfy meal, ideal when it’s cold outside! This is just perfection in itself! Really simple and colourful! Let me introduce you my version of chilli sin carne! I have made it a few times recently and all my friends that tried absolutely loved it! And guess what?! They are not vegan!



When it comes to weather I am totally summer person but when talking about the food it is autumn season that wins! I love to seat comfortably with a hot bowl full of either porridge or curry/stew. It’s just my time to appreciate what I eat and what I fuel my body with!

GET inspired & check the recipe out!


– Celery sticks
– A few peppers (green, yellow, red)
– A few carrots
– Tomato Passata
– Sweetcorn
– Water
– Rapseeds oil
– Salt & Nigella Seeds
– Chilli powder, smoke paprika powder, paprika powder, cinnamon
– Tamari sauce
– Nutritional yeast


Prepare all ingredients in advance to quickly put them later in the pan.
Start with dicing the peppers and celery sticks and put them in the separate bowls. Slice the carrots into half moon shape or chop them finely. Then rinse some canned sweet corn or use fresh one and peel it. Preheat the pan with some oil and once it’s hot add celery and red peppers and let the sauté a bit. * If you really like onion or spicy things you can add first chopped onion garlic and chilli and then the rest. After a while add the spices and stir everything for a few minutes. Then add the carrots, tomato passata and some water. After 10 minutes add the sweet corn, pour some tamari and reduce the heat to medium/low and let it cook for the next 30-40 min adding some water if needed and stirring from time to time. At the end add some nutritional yeast and handful of spinach.

To serve:

Serve your chilli sin carne with fresh avocado/avocado mash/guacamole, fresh coriander, and lime juice on top and some roasted cashews (you can vary with seeds and nuts). Add also a spoon of either rice or quinoa and enjoy it!

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