My Double Tomato Salad


A tomatoes season is definitely my favourite especially when I stay at my cottage house and have an opportunity to pick up fresh tomatoes and other veggies from my own garden. Then I always prepare a delicious salad because the taste of the raw fresh tomatoes in the summer season is just insane! Believe me, there is nothing more needed to be happy and grateful! You can literally eat them only with salt, nigella seeds, chopped fresh parsley and a bit of flaxseeds oil, adding a piece of rye bread and that’s it!!!

However for my blog post and you guys I decided to do something more colourful and diverse than only tomatoes with the salt (haha).


I combined fresh and delicious vegetables with tomatoes as the lead! However apart from the classic ones I added also yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden that added a beautiful colour to the salad! Sometimes I also add the special green ones!

So basically, to prepare really delicious salad you do not have to spend hours in the kitchen! Just choose seasonal fresh ingredients (3-4 vegetables) you can add also some fruits add delicious dressing and your favourite toppings like roasted nuts or seeds! Make it as colourful and pretty as you can so you will definitely enjoy it!



Find the recipe for my double tomato salad below!

  • Tomatoes (preferably different colours – yellow, green)
  • Aubergine
  • Courgette
  • Avocado
  • Parsley
  • Salt, nigella seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds (for gomasio)

Preheat the grill, dry pan or the oven (I highly recommend grill in the summer season) and roast the thin slices of aubergine and thicker ones of courgette! Meanwhile preheat the pan, put all the gomasio ingredients and leave them to roast for a few minutes (preferably cover the  pan because sesame seeds like to explode haha). Then mix all the ingredients in the blender and your gomasio is ready! You can store it in the fridge for the next week and add to almost everything, adding delicious flavour to your meals and dressings.

Okay, back to the salad, dice the tomatoes, avocado and courgette once it’s ready and chop the fresh parsley. Place the grilled aubergine on the plate (you can cut slices into halves) then place the tomatoes, avocado and courgette. Sprinkle it with parsley and gomasio, adding a bit of oil of your choice. I really recommend the pumpkin seeds oil that thanks to its nutty taste make the salad even more tasteful!


Serve your delicious summer salad with a super creamy avocado pesto or any other dressing of your choice! It rocks!



Hope you like this recipe!

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