Stewed Radish Rocks!

Mixing leftovers from the fridge on a pan, why not? It might turn out to be your next favourite meal! Accidents and experiment are what I like in the kitchen the most! Do not be afraid of varying on ingredients, cause you might discover new taste combinations and make your diet more diverse!


This recipe was totally unexpected! It took me literally a few minutes to prepare it thanks to having everything previously cooked, which I really recommend. You can save a lot of time and frustration! I combined some veggies from the fridge with my beloved millet groats and some spices on a one pan and I fall in love with the taste and texture.


Do the stewed radish or cucumber sound odd for you? Same for me, until I came out with this recipe! Stewed or cooked radish changes taste and texture becoming softer and more delicate, as well as colour which is amazing, Isn’t it?!


Just one more tip, never say never in the kitchen! Taste changes a lot, we develop our taste all life long and crave different things and flavour combinations depending on the situation, moment and even age. While in the autumn I was obsessed with orange colour vegetables as pumpkin and sweet potato, currently I am craving greens! Broccoli has become definitely my new love either roasted or cook until softness, … yummy!


So be open for experimenting and remember that even leftovers combined together might appear to be delicious and your new fav meal!

Check my lately favourite dinner/lunch recipe out! Enjoy!

  • Radish
  • Cucumber
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Millet Groats
  • Tamari Sauce
  • Sunflowe & Black Sesame Seeds
  • Salt & Nigella Seeds
  • Plant Oil

Cook the millet groates as well as broccoli in a boiling water until the softness!

*A good idea Is to prepare at once more so it will last for the next few days! Then you do have time pressure and can prepare meal in a few minutes!

Meanwhile, dice the cucumber and chop radish into quarters. Once your broccoli and millet are already cooked, preheat the pan and put a bit of oil. Add radish, cucumber, broccoli (cut into smaller pieces) and spinach and stir it together pouring a bit of water, letting them stew for a while! Then combine it with millet and add sunflower & black sesame seeds, pinch of salt & nigella seeds. The last thing is Tamari Sauce, I always put quite a lot because I love this taste but be careful because it is quite salty!


My recommendation is to serve this delicious meal either with cut half of avocado or a dip such as hummus or super creamy avocado pesto!

*Prepare more, keep it in the fridge and have your next meals deliciously secured 🙂 Then reheat the portion on a pan and enjoy your meal!


Hope you like this recipe and stewed radishes 😉


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