Smoked Paprika & Roasted Aubergine Dip

Bored with the hummus? Looking for something yummy to eat with a slice of a good bread or veggies? Here it is, my delicious smoked paprika & roasted aubergine dip!


This one and the avocado pesto has been recently my favourites! I literarily discovered in the autumn the flavour of smoked paprika and since then I have been using it a lot adding it to my vegetable loafs, burgers, roasted sweet potatoes, salads or this time into this delicious roasted aubergine, red pepper and sunflower seeds dip. It turns up the flavour making everything more tasteful and so yummy, believe me!


Various dips and pastes like hummus or avocado pesto are my addiction! I just love experimenting, putting some ingredients into the blender and by pressing one button receiving so creamy and smooth texture that I combine with almost everything! Dips are perfect as a snack with vegetable sticks as well as a paste for your sandwiches or as one of the components of buddha bowls. Once you try it I am pretty sure you become addicted, putting it as a side to every single meal! Hope you love it, as I do!


Make your own delicious smoked paprika & aubergine dip with my recipe, by blending just a few ingredients! Let’s do this!

  • Aubergine
  • Red Pepper (preferably long one)
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Olive Oil
  • Spices (smoked & normal paprika powder)
  • Salt & Nigella Seeds
  • Lime (optionally)
  • Water (just a little bit)

Preheat the oven to 200 Celsius degree. Cut the aubergine into slices and red pepper into halves, place them on the baking tray and bake for approximately 20 minutes, until the vegetables get slightly brown on top. Meanwhile put sunflower seeds in the dry hot pan and let them roast for no more than few minutes (be careful, they easily get burned). Once everything is roasted and not so hot, place aubergine, red pepper, sunflower seeds in the blender container (you can also use hand blender) and add spices, olive oil, a bit of water and optionally squeezed lime. If you want to make the flavour even more smoked I recommend to add either more smoked paprika or smoked salt if you have one. Blend everything until the smooth texture and add some more water if needed (I prefer rather thicker and smoother version, however follow your preferences).

*If you do not have oven, you can use your dry pan for roasting aubergine and red pepper both sides.


Serve your paste with a delicious bread either roasted or not. I have chosen my homemade non-flour bread made from seeds and oats. This dip is also delicious to put into your buddha bowl or to eat with both roasted and raw veggies. Choose your favourite option and enjoy it!


Hope you like the recipe!

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