His Majesty Cauliflower…


If your are bored of classic veggies and like experimenting with the taste and spices this recipe is definately for you! You will discover a new, flavour of cauliflower and for those who are not big fans of this vegetable, I am sure that after trying this recipe you will change your minds! Sometimes when I am bored with the simple roasted veggies I like to experiment with the spices I am at the moment into, so I just have added tamarind sauce (soya one is also fine), my beloved smoked paprika & normal paprika powder as well as wild garlic, and here it is, the best version of cauliflower ever! Crispy, tasteful and so yummy!


What is more, it is so simple and easy to prepare! Only cauliflower, spices, tamari sauce and the oven! Cheap, quick and gorgeous in taste!


I made a lunch or dinner proposition combining it with one of the most nutritious grains – quinoa and my favourite greens – rocket! I like black quinoa the most because it is not as soft as the normal one, and it has nuts taste a bit, however you can combine it with either classic or the red one! Choose what you like the most, vary with the grains and the greens and let the cauliflower be the king on your plate!



  • Cauliflower
  • Black Quinoa (optionally white or red one)
  • Rocket
  • Tamari Sauce (optionally soya sauce)
  • Spices (normal & smoked paprika powder, wild garlic)
  • Salt & Nigella Seeds
  • Lime
  • Pistachio Nuts

Preheat the oven to 200 Celsius degrees, divide the cauliflower into the small parts and wash them. Place the cauliflower into a bowl, add spices and tamarind sauce and mix everything carefully. Bake it for approximately 20-25 minutes, until the cauliflower becomes soft inside but at the same time crispy and brown on the top. Meanwhile, cook the quinoa in a boiling water adding pinch of salt for a better taste and pouring more water if needed . Once everything is prepared, leave it to cool for a few minutes and then enjoy it!


Serve this gorgeous cauliflower with black quinoa and the rocket, squeezing the lime and topping it with pistachios. To give the extra and fresh flavour combine it with the super creamy avocado pesto! Trust me, the taste It is going to be amazing!


Enjoy it as a dinner or lunch or grab this roasted cauliflower as a snack!

Hope you like this recipe!




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