Black Bean & Cherry Tomato Stew

Who doesn’t like warming up stew or lecho, especially when its getting colder and the weather becomes slightly depressing ?!

I think everybody likes and the more nutritious the better !




Black beans are a perfect protein source for vegans and vegetarians, alternative for people who are bored with both chickpeas and lentils or an idea for those who like to experiment in the kitchen and try new things!

Enriching your vegetable stew with beans, lentils or chickpeas makes it more nutritious and filling. This is a perfect way to provide your body with proteins.

The preparation is the same as the chickpea or other beans ones. Overnight soaking is a must have ! Than you cook them with the water from the kettle with a pinch of salt for approximately one hour. Because they need a bit more time than chickpeas, its best to try if the beans are soft enough.


My proposition is a black bean & cherry tomato stew with a combination of quinoa and avocado !


  • Black Beans (soaked overnight and than cooked)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Fresh Coriander
  • Long Red Peppers
  • Tricolour Quinoa (it might be white or red instead)
  • Avocado
  • Spices (Turmeric Powder, Cayen Pepper Powder, Garam Masala, Nigela Seeds, Salt)
  • Coconut Oil (or any other plant oil you prefer)

Pre-heat the oven to 200 Celsius degrees and bake the halved peppers until they become softer and toasted, you may also do this in a pan without oil (just a little bit of water).

In the pot, place one tea spoon of coconut oil, add pinch of turmeric powder, cayenne pepper and garam masala. Put the halved cherry tomatoes and stew, adding water from the kettle. Meanwhile cook the quinoa for approximately 15 min, until the water evaporates and it becomes soft. Then, dice the roasted peppers and put them into the pot with tomatoes, add black beans, spinach, a pinch of salt and nigella seeds. Add more water if it is needed and cook for a few more minutes.


Once you have your stew and quinoa cooked, slice an avocado and finely chop the coriander and place everything in a bowl. At the end you can squeeze the lemon, add black sesame seeds, nigela seeds or roasted sunflower seeds if you want.


Your nutritious bowl is now ready to eat ! Enjoy your meal !

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