Autumn Millet Porridge

Have you ever heard about millet groats?


In Poland millet is well known, however in England it is not, this honestly shocked me. Many people do not know what millet is, so I would like to encourage all of you to try it.

Moreover, it is a natural antibiotic and is one of the healthiest groats because it is an alkaline. It is also gluten free, so it is good for people who cannot tolerate or do not eat gluten.



Millet groats is perfect for savoury dishes as well as sweet.

It is a good substitute for normal oat flakes when it comes to making porridge.

To tell you the truth I do not have a special secret how properly cook millet groats. You can alter the consistency to your preferances, choosing the thickness depending on what you want to cook (if you add more water it will while cooking it will become fluffier). I always soak it overnight (it is a good way to it do with all grains and groats because they then become more nutritious) and than cook it in a pot with the hot water from a kettle. The amount of water should be approximately 1-2 cm above the groats. While the water is evaporating you should see little holes, it means that your millet is nearly ready, I always taste it to see if it is soft. If not, add more water and keep on cooking.

A good tip is to prepare bigger amount, for more than one portion and store it in the fridge. You can then use it for your next meals and not be stressed due to time pressure or lack of things to eat.


I love millet with nearly everything, but in this post I would like to show you my recipe for delicious autumn millet porridge, that I eat every morning, alternating with classic oatmeal. The hot cinnamon pears cooked with coconut oil will knock you out ! They are delicious and the smell is way-out.

This is a perfect breakfast idea for the autumn mornings, that will warm your body up inside !

  • Millet Groats
  • Plant milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Pear
  • Coconut Oil
  • Flaxseeds
  • Chia Seeds
  • Roasted Nuts/ Granola
  • Ginger (optional)

Cook the millet with half water and plant milk, or place the previously cooked millet groats in the pot with plant milk or water if you prefer, however plant milk will make it fluffy and tastier. Add flaxseeds, chia seeds and cinnamon, then cook it for a while till the liquid evaporates. To make it more creamy, regularly stir it with a wooden spoon.

Meanwhile, slice a pear, place it in a pan with the cinnamon, and cook with a small spoon of coconut oil. I also add a small piece of ginger, finely chopped. Add a bit of hot water and stew it for a few minutes until the pear become soft and the water evaporates.


Put your millet porridge into a bowl and add hot cinnamon pears. Top it with the roasted nuts, almonds are especially delicious or homemade granola. This combination of fluffy and crunchy texture is delicious.


Your super autumn millet breakfast is ready to eat !

Enjoy your meal ! Hope you love this recipe !


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